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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1st Lesson of Nehemiah = Evaluating Our Walls

 Introducing the Course
 The Word of our God orients us and guides us in all areas of our lives, both personally as well as members of the Body of Christ. It's tremendous the veracity with which we can read and reread the Scriptures as God has directed and guided his servants in the past, as well as does it with you and me today. We will be talking about men and women of God who took a posture of submission and obedience to serve him. God searches for people who are willing to serve him. In the past in the Old Testament as in the New Testament, there are people who have positioned themselves before God to perform the work that He gave them. You and I are part of the New Testament, because we live in the age of grace. From the day that Jesus began his ministry here on earth, until the day He will pick his bride, is the time of the New Testament . We are part of the fulfillment of history.
As we prayed to God for these studies God clearly showed that we have a very beautiful lesson to learn when we observe how He God guided the servants in the past. God directs, He speaks and He shows every detail and every step of the way to follow. Let us start the first study with Nehemiah, and if you want to prepare for this study, we suggest that you start reading the book of Nehemiah which has 13 chapters. Each lesson you will be asked to read two chapters.
By observing the life of Nehemiah we see that he it was actually not taken to a strange land with all of its people. He was born there and also worked in a very good situation, and certainly many people if they were in his position would think that; I was brought here as a slave, they make me work, I will have to get used to it. At first everyone rebels, and Nehemiah probably also did against everything that happened, but the Bible does not report this fact. Over time when he as serving the king, he might have thought: well my life is great, despite being a slave I can not complain because I am serving the king, I have a place of honor in the palace. Many human beings when they reach a similar position become proud and very selfish. Nehemiah did not need to worry about others; he only needed to take care of his work and problems, and his life was taken care off.
In this course on Building and Rebuilding the Walls we will examine the life of Nehemiah and also analyze how he behaved in towards himself, his posture and towards his people, without forgetting the most important thing is to speak of the fear of God he had. In this first lesson you will read Nehemiah chapter. 1 to 3. In each lesson we will indicate the Bible reading that will accompany the study.
Our study will be based on the comments of the Bible Shedd; comments foot notes of the Study Bible and we will also use the Halley's Bible Handbook to assist us in this study. So if you have one of these you can use them to keep up the good study.
Antonina Penner

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