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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hope for the Children - India - About

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Greetings from New Delhi, India!
Welcome to our website!

Hope for the Children is a Christian Ministry in New Delhi, India that ministers to the need of the people living in the slum areas built up around the garbage dumps. The adults and children in these slums have no access to education or medical care and the conditions they live in are deplorable and without basic sanitation. Hope for the Children teaches these children how to read, write and speak English and basic math with the hope that when they grow up, they will be able to get jobs  and be able to move out of the slums into decent housing.

There are so many needs that these families have. Our current focus on teaching and feeding the children every day. We do not yet have a building to teach in so we teach the children in a local park. We are praying and hoping for provision to obtain a building where we can teach the adults as well as the children. If the adults can learn English and Math, or if we can give them marketable skills of some other kind, they will be able to find work and get their families out of the slum. Once we get a building, we can also have a medical clinic for basic medical care for these people.  Almost all of these children and adults have never seen a doctor or dentist and have had no vaccinations of any kind. We want to change that and give them access to basic medical and dental care.

A building would give us a place to hold  educational classes, meals, medical clinics and church services. Please consider sponsoring us in our endeavor to obtain a building and other needed supplies to help these people that society has forgotten. You can help by sponsoring a child or family for as little as $25.00 USD per month. Or please consider donating any amount to help us obtain a building and supplies. No amount is too small and we appreciate anything you can give to help us minister to these people that have been forsaken and shunned by society!

Hope for the Children is a non-profit charitable organization in New Delhi, the capital city of India. Our vision is to reach out and give hope to the street and slum children and the adult men and women of the slums. Hope for the Children workers have been reaching out tirelessly in the urban slums of New Delhi where people live in abject poverty. These people live without the most basic necessities of life… food, housing and medical care . Much of their food is found in the city garbage dumps, which is a deplorable condition to live under! This highly populated area does not have even basic sanitation and as the result people often contract avoidable diseases . These are the forsaken ones of society.

These children grow up in poverty and illiteracy. The parents cannot afford to educate their children and, as a result, the children forced into child labor. Later, because of hopelessness of their situation, they tend to become trapped in drug addiction. It is our mission to provide hope, care and love for these underprivileged children, drug addicted adults and training for men and women of the slum areas. We strive to rescue these precious people from their pathetic situations and bring them into the main stream of society. Our vision is to provide educational opportunities and medical care for these precious people so loved by God. By providing educational literacy to these little ones and marketable skills to men and woman, we can help them become integrated into society and become responsible citizens.  As our ministry grows, we desire to bring these people out of their deplorable living conditions by creating housing centers for them. We want to rescue these children from child labor and provide marketable skills for women with sewing/tailoring classes so they can earn decent wages that will benefit their families. 

 Our immediate need is money for food and school supplies for the children. We look forward to some day owning a building to hold educational classes and employable training classes, to provide a medical clinic and a place to hold church services. We are beginning to look for properties that might be adequate for our purposes, walking in complete faith that God will provide all the resources we need to purchase a building and supplies. We also need to provide food for these children so we will need an area to prepare food. I am very excited to see how God is working to make the vision He gave to myself and my wife come to fruition!

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