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Friday, July 3, 2015

How to Learn to study your Bible by yourself.


1st lesson = Introduction

Getting Familiar with the Book. 

Today we would like to give you a guide on how to study your Bible. There are many different ways of studying your Bible; but then which is the best way to do it? Do I need to go to Bible School to learn how to study it? Bible School is an excellent idea, but it is not the only way.

We can learn to study at home with parents, family and in church as well. Sunday schools and so on. There might be a situation that you are in, right now Bible school is impossible. My family does not have the habit of studying the Bible, and yeah in our church there is no Sunday school classes; and now what?  There is still another option we can offer you.   There are many books available in Christian bookstore that will guide you how to do it. And if you would not like to learn it by yourself alone, join us in this blessed journey.

There are couple of books that we would like to suggest for you to read and study that will help you understand the Bible better.  We will state all of the in the bibliography, but as for now we will go over the method as how to use them.

1st – Let’s get acquainted with the books. It is very good at the beginning to check out what the book is all about and what you will be able to achieve through it. Get familiar with the context of the book.

2nd – Try to use several books that follow the same thought line to avoid confusion. If you have several books that follow the same guidance as how to proceed it will help you to understand better as how to study your Bible.

3rd – Checkout if the study guide is one that helps you to understand the Bible better.  I would like to suggest some books today here.

-        Halley’s Bible Handbook (Halley, 2010). – Halley, Henry Hampton

-        How to Study the Bible for yourself by Tim Lahaye. (Lahaye, 2006)

-        12 ways to study your Bible by Max Luccado. (Lucado)

-        Strong’s Concordance. (Strong's Corcordance)

Lesson #1

One of the very most important things is to check out the index of the book to get acquainted with the context of the book. The books that we suggested give you in the beginning a guideline as how to study them. I learned that if you take a time to compare them, and see how they guide you through the whole book, it becomes easier to study it.  This will make studying the Bible easier and make it a lot of fun. Once you start reading the Bible you will realize that it is the Only Book that you will experience the Author Himself always present with you as you read it. The Holy Spirit will always guide you, teach you, and coach you as how to apply what you read; and in a precious way the Word becomes alive. The only way to know God is through His Word, when you here it or when you read it.

These books will teach you how to study it to learn it and understand it. It is easier to understand if you have a book that tells you where on earth everything happened. Being able to analyse world maps and see where the Garden of Eden was is important. Where did Jesus live, where was He born and where was His ministry? Was it in the same place Abraham lived? Was it in the Promised Land God gave to Abraham? What about all the other stories in the Bible where did they happen?

These books that we will be looking at will help you study it all in a way that will make a better sense of it.

1.     How to study the Bible for yourself (Lahaye, 2006). - You can understand the Bible as we are going to learn in chapter one of the book.

a.    The Bible was written for People just like you and me.

b.    What will Bible study do for you? In this chapter you will find 9 important things that it will do for you.

c.    How to read the Bible is the next chapter. It will make it easier to get to know it all.

d.    Methods of Bible Reading.

e.    What to read in the Bible.

f.    The Bible: The World’s greatest library.

2.    Halley’s handbook (Halley, 2010) will show you that the Author wanted all people be able to understand how important it is that every person can read and understand the Bible, and he wanted to write a book to be able to teach people how to be able to do discipleship as Jesus commanded it. Very interesting things to learn from.

a.    The Heart of the Bible – makes you understand what the Bible is all about.

b.    The habit of Bible reading – and excellent guideline how to do it.

c.    Going to church as an act of Worship and he tells us why this is important.

d.    Bible Backgrounds =

1 What the Bible is

2 How the Bible is organized

3 What the Bible is about

4 The main thought of each Bible Book.

e.    Writing, Books and the Bible

These are only the first few chapters of the books we mentioned but as we go through though books and study it, this will help you to use them better in your own devotionals.
In The Lord's Service,
Antonina Penner. 

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