John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him."

Friday, December 11, 2015

24th lesson = God's Purpose in loving the Human Being


The Road To Calvary.

The Purpose To Be Lived On The Way To Calvary.
All of us are thankful that Jesus walked that road unto Calvary for us; and most of us even praise Him for so much love, in our behalf. During the last week before Jesus was crucified on the cross, he was preparing his disciples for the time when he no longer would be here in human form on earth. The four Gospels describe the life of Jesus. Each author describes it from a different perspective; John describes Jesus as the Son of Man. Something very beautiful that I learned by reading the Word of God is that Jesus teaches us through his experience on this earth, as how we shall deal with each situation that you and I face and encounter.
I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to include this part of the journey to Calvary; because if we follow Jesus, we have to walk the same path that He walked. Here I want to tell you what I learned in my experiences as: what we learn and the way to Calvary, and how we learn it. So, even though Jesus went to Calvary for us do we need to go this path as well? I believe in our Spiritual life we do yes.  Let's draw a symbolism here. Jesus as a human being had a day where he gave up his career as a carpenter to begin his Ministry. The Bible tells us that He fulfilled all that he was called to do. His Ministry included to go to Calvary to die for all of us, and after three days He rose again so that he could ascend to Heaven and assume all salvation for us; and also send us the Counselor, the Holy Spirit. One day you and I we were born in the flesh, to be able to be here on earth. But, according to the Bible as we have seen we were born spiritually dead. To be born again we are required to receive Jesus to be made Gods’ Children.
Now then it is fulfilled what Jesus said that just as the Father sent Him He sends to us as well, for we receive the power to be made Children of God. To be sent by Jesus we need to be His children, all those that believe in Him. Just as Jesus we have the right to practice our profession and pursuing our business to the point where God the Father tells us: I have a Ministry for you to fulfill. That is when we let go of our boats as did the disciples did and we follow Jesus wherever He trains us, to be His ambassadors here on earth. How often did the disciples witness the fact that Jesus sent them to go ahead across the lake, and he spent the whole night praying on Mountain.
The disciples know this because they tell us about it here in the Gospels. Jesus demonstrated that He as a human needed to be with his Father that was in Heaven to make sure that he working in accordance with the Will of the Father. Jesus left us an example to be followed, and the disciples were trained by observing Jesus fulfill his Ministry; while he was going it. Just like Jesus, you and I must also go somewhere alone to seek the Lord to talk to HIM. A fellowship is build walking together and being together to become acquainted.
I do not know how it is in your country; but, where I come from it is currently fashionable in Evangelical Pentecostals Circles go to worship upon the mountain to worship God. What the Bible teaches us is that we should climb the mountain alone as Jesus did to talk to the Father who is in heaven. Moses went alone; David sought God and was alone when he sought Him. Mountain tops are there for personal engagement with our Creator not Worship Services; those need to be done in the Temple. All the prophets in the past when sought the presence and assistance from above, they were alone and not making praise and worship ceremony so that from heaven would descend fire of anointment. The Bible shows us clearly when the disciples sought unanimous God's presence; they were all gathered in the Temple.
We go through the same process as Jesus did, we have to leave our family as he left His, and our profession as Jesus did. After this, then we begin to seek our Heavenly Father to know how, where and in what manner to work in the mission that He gives us. Similarly to Christ it is in our lives; we pass through the stage where we have to decide whether we actually we will answer in Gethsemane: not my will, but Thy Will be done. It is in Gethsemane that we abdicate our lives as Jesus said to the Greeks, if you love life and will not give it up, you will not receive it back. It is in Gethsemane that we abdicate in our live of the right to have freedom of choice. Now we make of Gods’ choice our own choice.
According to the Dictionary:
“If you say that someone has abdicated responsibility for something, you disapprove of them because they have refused to accept responsibility for it any longer. (FORMAL)”
Upon leaving the Garden where he was pressed, they led him to be judged. Jesus was forced to carry his cross to Calvary. Reading the story we see that Jesus was so weak that, compelled Simon to bear his cross. "As they were going out, they met a man from Cyrene, named Simon, and they forced him to carry the cross" – Mt.27:32.  Jesus had to carry his cross to the point where his body was literally broken, and they made someone else carry it to Calvary. In our life we also have to take up our cross, and we know that when the struggle is too heavy, the Holy Spirit helps us in every step. "Then Jesus said to his disciples, "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me;" - Matthew 16:24. You and I, and every human being needs to come up with all our their burdens, dilemmas, problems and sins unto the Cross of Calvary. All our pain and sorrows, and all sins in our life we must lay them down at the feet of the Savior Jesus. Oh Glory for Cross of Calvary, it is by whom we are saved and cleansed from all the sorrows that breaks us and crushes us.
There on the cross at Calvary Jesus died for us and the Bible tells us in Romans chapter 6 that there we died with him. The purpose to be lived at this time is the fact that we are being prepared by Jesus as his disciple. Our comfort is that we have Jesus with us, training us and He is always at our side. A disciple of Jesus never walks alone, the Holy Spirit will guide them in all the truth, we have this promise in God's Word. "And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counselor to be with you forever--” - John. 14:16. In the following chapter we will learn how each of us was baptized into the Body of Christ, to be part of it.

 In the Lord's Service 
I greet you in His Love
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