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Thursday, June 7, 2018

12th Lesson Discipleship According to God's Own Heart

Concept of Leadership by Dictionaries.

This word disciple comes from Latin and actually describes exactly what a leader does. A leader goes ahead and teaches who follows him and the person who is discipling someone also goes ahead and shows what a person should do. This is exactly what Jesus did. Jesus fulfilled his mission and at the same time was teaching and training his disciples. We see the technical description by the Collins Dictionary of the English Language that defines "leadership" as: “You refer to people who are in control of a group or organization as the leadership. Someone's leadership is their position or state of being in control of a group of people.  
"Certainly there are people in the Bible who are leaders, that is, capable of leading. All the leaders who were imposed by God discipled their followers according to the order given by Him. We find biblical principles that help us understand the biblical leadership that describes exactly how Jesus taught those who followed him. Many of the men whom God anointed as prophets and kings had a leading spirit. They had the ability to lead. David, Moses, Joshua, Joseph and many others had the form of government based on the personal prestige accepted primarily by God and also by His people. 
The Strong’s Dictionary gives us some additional help to establish our biblical basis for leadership, as it defines leadership from the original biblical words. According to this dictionary, the word "guide" is used in the New Testament to replace the word "leader." Leading, therefore, is guiding; and this word (and its relative) appears, at least, in most versions of the Bible in English. Thus, when we study the Hebrew and Greek words translated as "guide" and their relative, we form our biblical basis on leaders and leadership.  Jesus gave the leadership in His church hear on earth to His disciples. Jesus delegated them to do the work according to His command.
In Hebrew, therefore, we have the words:
• Darak, which means "to go on".
• Nahal, meaning "to lead, to protect, to sustain, to take care of, to feed, to impel, to lead kindly".
• Ya'ats - "advise, deliberate, resolve, consult, determine, guide, propose".
• Nachah - "guide, transport, place"

In Greek we find the words:
• Oikodespoteo - "to guide the house".
• Kateuthuno - "lead".
• Hodegeo - "guide, show the way through teaching".
• Hegeomai - "command with official authority, have government over".

Have you ever consulted the Dictionary to see how it is described: "disciple"? 
Let's check: 
disciple1 - dis.cí.pu.lo1 sm (lat discipulu) 
1. One who receives instruction from someone; The one who learns; student. 
2. Sectarian professing the doctrines taught or propagated by another. 
3. Fond, devout: A disciple of the truth. 
4. Beloved: St. John the Evangelist. Disciples of the Gospel: those who preached and propagated the evangelical doctrine. "

Leader, Representative type of a group. Head of a political party. 
"If we take the time to compare these two descriptions are in fact basically synonymous. He who receives instruction from another, he who learns; student. Leader is a guide, he also teaches how to do everything, so he is leading to be able to make sure that the leaders follow according to his teaching.
It is summed up above these definitions by uniting those with Collins and Strong that Biblical Leadership is: "function and ability to lead; Spirit of leadership, form of government based on personal prestige and accepted by others; Go about, lead, protect, sustain, care, feed, impel, lead gently, advise, deliberate, solve, consult, determine, guide, propose, guide, carry, guide the house, drive, guide, show the way through teaching , To command with official authority, to have the government on "= equal to => discipleship.
Then a leader according to the dictionaries is the following: All these words bring in themselves the concept and the basis for someone who goes ahead showing the way, the way of proceeding or living. It is not possible to conceptualize "discipleship" and / or "leadership" or "leader" in one word or even in one sentence. The theme is so rich and broad that we need to conceptualize it in a much more extensive way than dictionaries do. In the next lesson we will compare this to what the Bible says about this. 

Until then, may the Lord Jesus be with you.  
Blessings on to you all. 
Antonina Penner.

 Discipleship according the heart of God

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